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D'Accord Psychological Health Services


Your national industry leader in provision of:

  • Employee Assistance Programs (EAPS)

  • Mediation/Conflict Resolution

  • Coaching Mentoring

  • Career Transition, Outplacement

  • Critical Incident/Trauma Response

  • Training

  • Manager Assist Helpline

  • Various Consultancy Services



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Our Specialist Services


Employee assitance program

Access to our EAP can help ensure optimal staff performance through the identification of issues and deployment of strategies to assist workers to master life demands.



We provide training which helps people and organisations to maximise the benefits of the work we do in EAP and Critical Incident Stress Management.


Consultancy services

D’Accord can provide a range of consultancy services to assist staff in developing sound organisational strategies to maintain high workplace standards and work ethic.


critical incident stress management

D’Accord professionals are trained and highly experienced in critical incident stress management and specifically, trauma counselling.


manager assist

D’Accord’s Manager Assist Helpline is designed to assist managers and supervisors with difficult employee management issues.



Mediation is a voluntary, confidential process which can help your people work out the problem and still keep their employment or business relationship intact.


Career transition and outplacement

D’Accord offers a professional career transition service to assist employees who have recently been made redundant or have decided to leave the organisation.



A very good service. It has helped me to get my personal life up and going again. Would encourage other people to use this service.
— D'Accord Service User
I found EAP to be of great support. Rapid and courteous response from admin staff... I will most certainly recommend this service to any colleagues requiring assistance.
— D'Accord Service User

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